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To some of the many things I have written


Entertainment site where I write about video games and pop culture.

Articles I wrote for this very quirky and wonderful history and entertainment website while interning there.


The site part of Fansided that covers video games and entertainment to which I am a contributor.

TV and Entertainment site where I've written about streaming content and other shows, including a weekly recap column on one of my favorite animes.


Baseball blog where I write some stories about the beautiful game of baseball.

A blog where I write baseball content about the San Diego Padres.


My school's student newspaper, where I wrote for the Feature, Opinion, Sports, and Entertainment sections.

My personal blog where I write about movies, video games, politics, sports, and various other weird topics because I am weird.


More Links

To more things, but this time those things aren't writing.

Daily Podcast

A daily podcast I host and produce for the Locked On Podcast Network. I cover the San Diego Padres, who are finally — after many years of mediocrity — quite good!

Radio Show

An archive of my show "The Digital Dash" I hosted for 90.3 WMSC FM where I spoke words into a microphone for 3 hours every week about pop culture.


The Young American Dream

A video feature I worked on about Intashan Chowdhury, a first-generation Bangladeshi immigrant who is the youngest person to serve in a municipality in the history of New Jersey.

Some On-Camera Work

A couple of videos I edited and appeared in for my internship with HTTV


Contact Me!

I'm looking for opportunities in all media-related fields. If you like what you see here then let's talk.


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